Guess what?  I have a new little brother!  Guess what else? He isn’t that little….Hee Hee…he is actually a huge red and white Siberian husky.  I can’t believe I finally have a little brother.   My humans rescued Rudy from a life where he was chained day and night, and had minimal doggie interactions.  The people that had him tried to give him a good home but they didn’t understand how terrible it is for a dog to be chained, especially a one as social as a husky.  So Momma got brave and decided to stop at the people’s house and ask them about Rudy.  They said they took him from some other people who were unable to keep him.  They did have a dog house, feeder and huge water bucket for him and but he was too much for them and was put on a chain. The people who had him also said they knew they didn’t have the time or means to really give him a good home.  The man’s wife and daughter wanted to find Rudy a better home, so, when Momma and Daddy asked the people if they could find Rudy a good home the people said yes.  (I must say Momma was very scared to do this and was so thankful it went well. I mean, his noggin is huge!)

Anyway, Daddy took Rudy to our vet the next day for a checkup and he got a clean bill of health.  He also got his shots and some interceptor.  The vet said Rudy is about a year and a half old and weighed 60 lbs.  He climbed in the vet tech’s lap and let her take blood and check his ears and teeth.  Rudy had terrible fly bites on the tips of his ears which Momma scrubbed with anti bacterial soap and medicated powder every day. The vet said the fly bites caused a fungus to grow there and the foot powder helped clear it up.

Rudy is very playful and likes to run…well I guess you would know this because he is a husky and they’re sprinters.  Daddy takes Rudy for a run every morning.  He does great with on a halti…figured it out immediately…. It took me way longer to realize a halti was a good thing.

Rudy didn’t eat much at first…maybe because he was figuring things out.  He does love to chew on bones, kongs, and rawhides (all supervised of course).  Momma is teaching him to take treats gently, and he loves the lamb and rice treats we get for training.  Rudy rides well in the car and knows “sit”… “down” is a bit harder, but Momma is working on that one.

Rudy loves to play!  He does the “boot scoot boogie” around the back yard at full speed with a bone or toy in his mouth…he is way too fast for me (he’s actually too fast for anyone).

Now for how he interacts with us.  When he first came to be part of our pack he wasn’t neutered, so he wanted to mount us all.  That wasn’t fun at all.  Our humans didn’t let him do this, but until he was neutered that was just what a boy dog will do.  He plays well with Zannie, who is the most social of our pack.  Besa, the Border Collie didn’t like him playing with me or Zannie, so she got in trouble once when Rudy told her “no” by scruffing her with his mouth… can’t say I blame him as she can be a pest.  As for me, well being a neutered boy I was not sure what to do with Rudy…he is pretty cool, but I haven’t been left unsupervised with him just yet…soon though.  Momma is just kinda protective that way.

Our humans don’t think Rudy had much socialization for most of his life, but in spite of this he has done great while he has been with us.  He is learning he doesn’t have to protect his toys, but who wouldn’t after not having much to call his own for most of his life.

Momma’s main concern is that Rudy should never be chained again and that he comes to realize that his forever home is with us.  Guess her hands are really full now!

God Bless you!