My name is Kooper and I love to lay on my couch. This is one of my favorite places to hang out. I hope you enjoy your visit to my website. Look around and take in the information about my family, see some pictures, learn about some amazing aussies, and even send me a note if you like! kooper_small1
zanegrey_small1 Zane Grey is a great little sister. She plays with me and brings me toys so that we can play together. People say we look alike, but that’s just because our fur is the same color. She is super agile, loves to snuggle, and has quite the personality (she’s Zannie)! We are so glad she is part of our pack…
My humans are the best humans a dog could ask for. They feed me, bathe me (even though I don’t like too much), brush me and teach me all sorts of things. They even take me for walks in all kinds of cool places. I can’t see where we go when we take these walks, but I can sure smell everything or feel the different textures under my paws. humans_small1
rudy1 Rudy was my big ‘little’ brother. My humans rescued him from a life on a chain. Rudy was a chow-hound, loved his woobies, and knew how to say his name (“ROO-ROO”). My humans never thought they would have a husky in their pack, and they loved him very much. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the Summer of 2013, and they miss hearing his voice around the house very much.
Kailua was my oldest sister. She was an Aussie Red Heeler. My humans called her Woofie, but I called her Snuggles. She used to snuggle and would let me lay by her when I felt lonely or missed our humans. Kailua crossed the rainbow bridge in summer 2008.  We all miss her very much. kailua_small1
sombra_small1 Sombra was my sister who was an awesome playmate. She was an Aussie Border Collie mix and taught me doggie manners by letting me know if I played to rough or annoyed her. Sometimes, when I was a puppy she would take my head in her mouth and walk around with it that way. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the Winter of 2010, and we miss her very much. However, I’m sure she and Kailua are enjoying each others company and are relaxing in some tall grass somewhere.