I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things in the whole wide world.  First of all, I love toys, lots of toys.  I guess that’s the way it is with us boys.  Or so Momma says… Anytime I can I bring toys, or babies, to Momma or Daddy I do. Some times I think it’s fun to bring them every last toy in the toy basket. ‘m still not sure if the humans enjoy this as mush as us dogs, but oh well, it sure is fun! I also have lots of fun playing tug, and finding the babies when they get tossed just a few feet away from me.  In my journal entry on ‘fetch‘ I write about how Momma taught me how to fetch based on scent.  I use this cool technique to find the babies when we are playing.

Click the above image to watch me play fetch (~2Mb)

Sometimes I will take a toy to Sombra or Zannie.  But they don’t play with babies much anymore.  This is actually OK with me because I get them all to myself!

I have a cool mallard duck, a really fun sneaky snake, a big ole red lobster, a squeaky turtle (even thought I can’t hear it), and a chubby mouse that is actually a tennis ball inside a baby that looks like a chubby mouse. I know this cause I dissected the previous chubby mouse… a purple tennis ball for guts?

That reminds me, when I was a puppy my humans bought me a huge moose.  It was almost as big as me.  I played with that moose for along time until there was nothing left but its legs.  Momma finally threw out the legs.  She has a hard time doing that though because she thinks of all the fun that I had with a baby, and it makes her sad to through a baby away.  I don’t mind though because that means I get NEW babies to play with! And who doesn’t love NEW BABIES!

In case you’ve never noticed, I also love my couch…sometimes I let Momma and Daddy sit on it with me… hee hee!  I also love my casita (little house).  This is where Sombra, Zannie, and I sleep during the day when our humans are at work.  But, the thing that I love the most is my bed.  It is a huge, king sized bed with lots of fluffy pillows (my human’s think that is their bed, but little do they know…).  I enjoying snuggling in it at night.  There is a nice window by the bed that brings in a breeze at night that lets me know if any critters are outside the window.

Click the above image to watch me play with Mamma’s hair clip (~6.8Mb)

Here are some pictures to show you some of my favorite things…

I hope you have lots of favorite things in your life.