dogfancyMy latest adventure is being selected for the ‘Happy Endings’ section of Dog Fancy magazine (I’ll post a link when it’s up on their site).  Daddy wrote and submitted an article to the magazine about my story.  I didn’t help write this article like I do the journal entries, but I think Daddy did a great job.  A couple of years ago he wrote this whole big long thing humans call a dissertation…or something like that.  The people he works with call him Dr., so I guess he is really good at writing lots of things.

Anyway, I was so excited when my humans told me that Dog Fancy was going to feature my story in their Happy Endings section.  I love my humans very much and admire them for rescuing me. I know it was tough for Momma when they first adopted me.  Sometimes she didn’t know how to communicate with me so she would sit on the floor crying.  I would come and nuzzle her and lick the tears off her face…. they taste good…. kinda salty.

My humans enjoy reading Dog Fancy magazine.  It has lots of great articles about all kinds of dogs, how to take care them, and all the fun things humans and dogs can do together.  Maybe us dogs should publish a magazine called “Human Fancy”.  Might be kinda fun.  We could share ideas with each other on how to train humans to give us lots of treats, take us for long walks multiple times a day, get us groomed at the salon, and even how to sleep on the very edge of the bed so we can have the middle all to ourselves.

So, if you haven’t read Dog Fancy you should check it out. You can buy it at your local bookstore and/or pet store, and even your local library should have it.