imgp7287In April, my humans and my little sister (Zane) and I participated in a 5K primarily benefiting the CSU Vet Hospital. Some friends of my humans joined us and even brought along their dog, Taku. Let me tell you, there were a whole lot of dogs there. My nose was working overtime! We had quite a bit of fun during the event. The money raised will help humans who have an inured animal and can’t afford all of their care, or the CSU hospital’s Companion Care Fund. The money will also go towards a scholarship for a needy vet student next year. Who knows, they may even see one of my pack…

I think it is wonderful there are so many caring humans who want to help other humans take care of their companion animals. I know my humans care deeply for me and my siblings because we are their companions… well actually our humans are our companions and we love them deeply too. I have even begun to hang out with Momma on the couch… I discussed it with the girls and none of us ever thought the day would come when one of us could become such a great couch potato… hee hee. That would be me!

Oops, I got distracted thinking about snoozing on the couch… back to the Fast and the Furriest. There were all kinds of dogs there, and even a duck that rode in a wagon… I think that was cheating, but he was cute anyway. Maybe Kai will ride in a wagon next year. Anyway, there were Aussies, Labs, Poodles, Great Pyrenees, Great Danes, and Dalmatians just to name a few. There was even one of those hairless dogs, but I hear it looked more like a rat!

One exciting moment came at the end of the walk, when my old buddy, Kevin, from Second Chance Center for Animals, said “Hi”! My humans and I were so excited to visit with an old friend from Arizona. Kevin will begin Vet School here in the fall and I know he will make an awesome vet. Daddy took some photos of Kevin, his dog, and even Momma and me.

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I haven’t been a patient at the CSU vet school, but Kai and Zane have gone for acupuncture. Zane has epilepsy and the acupuncture helps keep the seizures under control. Kai received acupuncture for her arthritis. Both Zane and Kai went to Dr. Narda Robinson for their treatments, and they say she’s great! Narda really helped Kai manage the pain from her arthritis, and Zane’s seizures are almost under control now using a combination of acupuncture and medication.

Narda is an amazing vet and is well known around the country for her work in alternative therapies. She has even been involved in developing cutting edge technology used to teach students acupuncture through the production of an acupuncture patient simulator with the CSU College of Engineering. She is also working on an interactive, anatomically-based atlas of canine acupuncture points based on highly-detailed dissections (yuck?), in conjunction with the neurosciences faculty at CSU. I think it’s kind of cool!

At the end of our wonderful day, after walking the 5K, visiting with old friends, and making new friends, we are all tuckered out and ready for a nap. And now as I doze off for my afternoon nap I wish you all the best.

Take care,