Wow, what a grand new adventure I am off on. We have moved from Arizona to Colorado. My humans both have new jobs in Colorado, and they decided to move the family (my sisters and me) up there. I realized that things might be different, or even difficult, but adventures are always fun. At first, I was sad to leave all my friends in Arizona, but then I realized that they could all come visit me and I have an opportunity to make even more friends.

So the movers came and packed up all of our stuff. At first, I was a little unsure. But the movers were real nice. They even kept an eye on me and made sure I didn’t run into boxes and furniture. Being the teenager I am, I only got in the way a little bit…hee hee!

Once the movers had packed everything, and put it on their big truck, they took it away. Except for my toys and chew bones. My mom kept those out for me so I would have a few things that were familiar. On the way to our new home in Colorado, we went to Mom’s parents’ ranch. I like going there very much, because of the all the smells and yummy things to taste. We only spent a little while there, and then we were off again. Boy, humans sure do spend a lot of time in their cars.

Let me tell you all about my new house. It took me about two weeks to map the house and the back yard. The back yard has lots and lots of grass and space for me to run around. My human mom noticed that I race full speed across the grass and stop just in time before I run into one of the fences. I had grass at our old house, but there is way more at the new house. The new house also has a basement, but my humans put a pet door on the stairs that go down there, so I don’t get down there much. My master has carried me down there a couple of times, but I don’t know my way around down there as well, so I don’t know if I like it.

Also, during this move my humans discovered one of my tricks for mapping the house. Outside I use the grass, bark and gravel boundaries to help me. And inside, well here is the trick….I use the rugs and runners my mom has on the floors. She finally figured this out because the last night we were in the old house in Arizona there were no rugs or runners any where on the floors. So, I kept bumping into the walls and doorways much to my Humans’ worry. But, they figured it out and spent a little extra time guiding me around the house so I would figure out where I was without the rugs or runners on the floor.

At the new house I once again used the rugs to help me map the inside of the house. It is a little hard in the bedrooms because there is only carpet but I am learning the spacing on that so I have figured out when to turn to go through a door or around a bed. Kinda cool huh?!

Another thing that was a big change were the window wells. My humans ordered grate covers that go over the window wells so I don’t fall in. They are made from metal and my big sisters and I can actually walk on them, although I don’t like to because I think it feels funny to have air coming up from below my paws. It would be really scary to fall down one of these window wells because I could really get hurt. So, if any of you ever get a dog that is blind be sure places they can fall into or through are covered up and are safe.

My new neighborhood has lots of things that I go crazy for… children! There are kids everywhere and they pet me and scratch my back and neck. I like children, and never knew what I was missing without them around in Arizona. In fact, I like children so much, I get really excited and try to jump on them. My mom says that this is a bad thing and hopes that my being around lots of kids will help break me of this bad habit. We’ll see, I am an ‘Aussie’ after all!

Well, I have more new friends to make and places to explore with my humans. I hope everyone enjoys the summer and comes to visit us.