I thought I would share a little about the Second Chance Center for Animals with everyone. I spent two months here with my foster dad who works at this wonderful facility. My foster family at Second Chance loved me and helped me through a very difficult adjustment in my life. Every once and a while, my momma will take me by to visit with my foster family and friends.

When we go there I remember everyone by smell and get all wiggly and so very happy to be near them. Momma says that I don’t greet other people like I greet the staff at Second Chance. She noticed that I get extra excited and want to be in their arms when I smell them, especially my foster parents.

The first time my momma met me was in the Education room at Second Chance. I was chewing on a bone that was almost as big as me. I was dragging it around the room and didn’t want anyone to mess with me. Momma saw me and fell in love with me at first sight – ya know how those women can be when there is a cute guy around.

My daddy then visited with me the next couple of days when he came out to volunteer at Second Chance. He and my foster dad visited a lot about me and my special needs. Momma and Daddy decided to write a letter expressing their desire to adopt me. They were ecstatic when they were told that they would be my ‘Forever Family’ and I was home to stay. I have to say I am very happy and love my family very much. Although my momma does get pretty upset with me when I chew up her plants or dig in her gardens.

So, let me tell you a little about Second Chance, the compassionate work they do, and all the neat programs they have. First they have a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic with surgical and treatment facilities for low-cost spay/neuter surgeries. There is a shelter and adoption program for dogs, cats, and small mammals. And, of course there are education programs, and workshops for pets and their humans.

Second Chance is the headquarters for Plateauland Mobile Veterinary Clinic. I am partial to this special clinic because I came to Second Chance through the mobile clinic. Plateauland Mobile Veterinary Clinic operates on the Navajo Nation. Second Chance is currently the only sanctioned organization allowed to operate on Native American lands. They offer spay, neuter, medications, vaccinations, and the Navajo Nation Puppy Program.

Another really neat program is the New Hope Program which is based on Hope who was one of the Center’s first success stories. Hope was in bad shape when she came in, and her amazing story was actually featured in the July 2006 issue of Dog Fancy. The New Hope Program offers vets from other clinics in town the option to refer their clients who need surgery or expensive treatments to Second Chance. Second Chance will provide the necessary surgery or treatments at a lower cost and work with the clients on a discounted rate and payment plan. The second part of the New Hope Program is a needs based program for humans who can not afford tests, vaccinations, or even complicated surgery.

The Lonely Heart’s Club is for adoptable animals that have been at Second Chance longer than three months and for Prime Time Pets, or animals over five years old. These programs offer reduced adoption fees for anyone interested in adopting one of these wonderful animals.  Education programs, dog walks, the Women’s Expo, and many other neat programs all make Second Chance a super fantastic facility for all sorts of critters in Northern Arizona. The staff, volunteers, and of course donors are also vital components of the successful programs and the continued success of adopting and caring for animals that need good care, love, and Forever Homes.

So, if you live in Northern Arizona and are considering providing a good home to a less fortunate animal, Second Chance should be one of your stops in the search. Good luck and I hope you find a wonderful animal to add to your family, and that you have many happy years of love, friendship, and fun with them.