Because I can’t see or hear I am a very sensitive woofie. When my humans touch me it means the world to me. But, I get scared when someone holds me really tight or close like when they have to put medicine in my eyes. My eyes are super sensitive and I don’t like them to be touched. My human mom has been working with me on this. She will rub my ears, face, feet, muzzle, and my eyes. I don’t mind the ears, feet, muzzle, or face at all, but my eyes, well that’s another story.

I got an eye infection and my humans needed to put drops in and, well I didn’t want anything to do with that. So I fought and struggled, howled, and barked. This made my mom so upset she just sat on the floor and cried. So she and Daddy tried treats like peanut butter, lunch meat, Vienna sausages and all sorts of other tasty treats, but I wouldn’t have it. I just didn’t want them to put the eye drops in.

I think they finally started to have some luck when they would hold me on the floor, but give me treats at the same time. Then I knew I wasn’t in trouble, just that they were going to put drops in my eyes and then I would get something really yummy. I also think that Momma talked to me, even though I can’t hear her I can feel the ‘vibe’ she is sending out to me, and I better understand what she expects from me. They found the best thing was to be super patient and to wait for me to ‘present’ my eye to them and then they could get the drops in easily. Although, they did say it took a long time…

So, if any of you have to ‘doctor’ a woofie just remember to have the dog be as calm as possible and so should you. Then do the ‘doctoring’ as quickly as possible. When you are done you should give them good pats and lots of treats to make them forget they just got ‘doctored’. If you have a blind and deaf woofie they may wander around after you do this. I think it is good to let them wander around for just a little bit and then pet them to reassure them they are ok. This is because they are sensitive to touch and just need a few minutes to chill out.

Good luck.