toofies1So, let’s talk about baby teeth. I am loosing all mine and let me tell ya, it has been an adventure. First of all my mouth really hurts, and I want to chew everything I can get a hold of. My humans are pretty smart though because they make sure I always have a squeaky, chew bone, or peanut butter Kong to chew on. They know I need something to help with teething and the associated pain. Because my mouth hurts it makes my head hurt so I sometimes run around chasing things that I think I see. My human mom will squirt me with water from a spray bottle which I don’t like at all. So, I stop chasing and go back to chewing on my toys.

Another thing is my human master is totally fascinated with my new teeth. He will look in my mouth what seems like a million times a day to see if there is a new tooth coming in. He even saved three of my puppy teeth to show his friends. Boy, humans are funny sometimes. My human mistress took the three teeth in the picture and threw them to the sun while she asked for new ones for me.

This is a Hispanic tradition in that kids throw their tooth to the sun and ask for a new one. The Spanish version that my Mistress said when she was a kid goes like this:

Sol, sol, tan grande y como una flor.
Toma este diente con amor.
Y traigame uno más major!
Sun, sun, so large and like a flower.
Take this tooth with love.
And bring me a better one.

I knew she had thrown them to the sun and spoken this verse in human so I sniffed around all day in the back yard for my teeth, but never found them…darn. I hope I do get new ones that are big, white and really strong.

Hope you are well and if you loose any teeth may you receive new ones that last a lifetime.