We finally got snow on January 19th, 2006. My humans were very excited, but I didn’t know what the commotion was all about until I went outside, and, oh my gosh…I had never experienced snow. There was this fluffy, cold, stuff falling from the sky. It kept hitting me on my nose and ears, then my back and tail. I started biting at it, but the fluffy cold stuff just kept coming and it was really falling fast. So, I barked and started running around the yard trying to get away, but it kept coming, I jumped in the air and tried to get the fluffy, cold stuff out of the air, but it kept coming. By now I was covered as were my sisters Kai and Sombra.


Click the above image to watch me play in the snow

Then all of a sudden I stopped running around and felt something cold and wet under my paws…oh my gosh again, what was this? My humans explained to me that this was snow, or frozen water falling in from the sky. This winter has really been dry in Northern Arizona and they were really happy to get even a little bit of snow. Maybe next time it snows this winter there will be more than a foot of the fluffy white and cold stuff. Hope you stay warm wherever you are this winter.