I would like to share a bit more about being a blind and deaf dog. Even though I am physically blind and deaf I don’t actually consider myself to be blind or deaf. I actually ‘see and hear’ with my other senses much better than a human can. I ask that you don’t feel sorry for me because dogs are different when it comes to our senses. Even thought I can’t see or hear I can smell things you can’t even imagine.

We are just dogs, like any other dog, but since we can’t see and hear like most dogs, we need some time and patience and lots of love. I am told I am very smart and use smell and touch to understand. My humans say there is so much I can teach others about helping to understand their blind and/or deaf dogs. So that’s why I’m here to help, so lots of people can learn about blind and deaf dogs and will understand more about us.

So far I have learned to sit (a double tap on my butt), lay down (a double tap between my shoulders), come (a run of the fingers under my chin from my chest up to my chin and toward my humans), and my mom is working with me on stay (which is a hand flat against my chest).

I think the coolest thing my humans have done with me is they have taught me to go for walks. They use a ‘Halti’ on me and I have learned how to stay right beside them so I don’t run into anything. Some times my big sisters are walking in front of me so I can smell them and I know I am not alone out in the big, big world. We go to all kinds of neat places like the park, the lake, and even this place they call Campbell Mesa. I get really tired toward the end of these walks and tell my humans by talking. They think it is cute because I am kinda yawing, moaning, and erring all at once so it is funny to hear me. I usually take a long nap when we get home because I am pooped. Then, I am off to play some more with my big sisters Sombra and Kailua.