Hi everybody….guess what? I have a new little sister! Well, she actually isn’t so little. Her name is Zane Grey, but we all call her Zannie cause she is ZANNIE. She has pretty merle spots on her face that look like she put on make-up, Egyptian style. She is 9 months old, deaf, and weighs 38 pounds which makes her the littlest one of the pack, but she is also the spunkiest.

It took me a little while to get used to Zane. She likes to stick her nose in my face, and well, I just don’t see her coming so it surprises me. I am finally getting used to her nose coming out of no where. And when she does, I do my best to put her entire head in my mouth – someone has to teach her who the boss is…

Zane also likes to play a little rougher than Sombra and Kai. She wants to heel me all the time… but I can’t blame her. We herding dogs just love to get everyone by the heels. Well, my humans have been working with Zane and she is learning to play differently with me. It is a more gentle type of play, mainly focused on staying in one place and not running around the yard all crazy. That’s the kind play Zane does with Sombra, and they seem to get along really well.

Zane has been a member of our pack for about three months now. She sleeps in her kennel and during the day hangs out with the rest of us in our big back yard. Momma has been busy with the move and all, but I finally convinced her to upload this journal entry and photos to my webpage…yippee!!

So a little more about Zane….She is originally from Texas. She spent some time with the Amazing Aussies in Phoenix. That’s where we found her. A really good friend of my humans brought Zane all the way from Flagstaff up to Fort Collins….what a wonderful friend my humans have.

Our humans are teaching Zane American Sign Language. She is learning hand signals for sit, down, stay, come, play, no, stop, move, ok, play, and many others. She is even learning the first letter of my name, as well as a sign for Sombra and Kailua. Our humans think she would be a really good therapy dog for people who are deaf. I think so too as she loves people and enjoys spending time with all our friends.

Master has been teaching Zane to play fetch in the yard. She is really fast and runs like a rabbit when she goes after the ball, but she doesn’t like the Frisbee as much. We think she would be really good at agility. After Zane learns all the commands and bonds with Momma and Daddy, then she will be ready for some agility training. I wish I could do agility, but it would be too hard as I am blind, but I can still cheer her on in training and competitions.

Now that Zane has been in our pack for a while, she and I lay around together. She is fun to snuggle and snooze with. We also play every chance we get. I don’t think Momma and Daddy like it sometimes because we play by the couch and disturb them when they are reading or watching TV. But, I’m Kooper and how can they resist!

I am really happy now that I have a little sister. Stay warm and be happy.